the plants speak

The plants are talking to me. "Oh Laurel," they say, "We're so glad you decided to sow us and let us grow, but when, oh when will you plant us outside? We're stuck in these small cages, the soil's only inches deep, we need room to breathe and stretch our leaves wide." "Don't worry," I … Continue reading the plants speak

Oh well, the universe laughs

My car was stolen today, and I discovered my empty parking spot less than 24 hours before a long-anticipated journey abroad. My first reaction: Wait, what? Then:  Oooooh - my car has been stolen -- That's just *$(&(#*$(@ GREAT I was hit with all those uncomfortable emotions, rolling over me in waves: confusion, panic, fear, … Continue reading Oh well, the universe laughs

Goodnight Stars

Winter is ending. Tomorrow’s equinox marks a turning point in the seasons – here in Fairbanks we’re now receiving just over 12 hours of daylight, gaining nearly 7 minutes per day. The night sky I have grown so accustomed to gazing at these last six months will soon vanish, as the sun overtakes the sky, … Continue reading Goodnight Stars

Have Regrets

"Have regrets. They are fuel. On the page they flare into desire." - Geoff Dyer


January arrived intent on breaking our spirits. The temperature plummeted and remained well below zero for the entire month...making this January the 5th coldest on record. With help from a long string of -40 degree days, the average temperature for the month was -26.9 degrees Fahrenheit. Brutal. Luckily, I had projects to attend to and … Continue reading January