My Work

I’m a professional writer who has spent the last two decades refining my craft.

I worked as a reporter for Alaska Dispatch, Alaska Dispatch News, and the Anchorage Daily News for a combined total of six and a half years.  I wrote about everything from health care to homicides to wild bison herds. For a few years, my main beats were cannabis, breaking news, and crime. And I held a special fondness for astronomy, volcanoes, and viral animal videos (I mean, it’s Alaska).


My first-ever gig was as a copywriter while I was still in college. I was paid a meager sum to write SEO-friendly articles on assigned topics. My boss mailed me a handwritten check every month. I was absolutely thrilled. I was being paid to write!

Later, I had a part-time gig as a writer for an online site that focused on trending topics, mostly current events and entertainment.

My real crash course in online writing came when I was hired by Alaska Dispatch in 2012. I learned so much, especially during those first years, when every day I lived outside of my comfort zone (read more about those life lessons).

Since leaving the daily journalism grind in Oct. 2018, I’ve started doing contract freelance work (contact me if you have content you need help with, or collaborations you’re considering). I’m also digging deep into my creative works, and loving every minute of it.

Here are some of my favorite stories — explainers, features, and investigative pieces — in no particular order.

75 feet in the air, Fairbanks ‘space needle’ has colorful, tragic past

How a retired geologist discovered a long lost Air Force crash in the Alaska Range

Weed on a plane: How Alaska businesses get pounds of pot on board, with police blessing

Here are strategies for staying safe in bear country

A tourist’s guide to navigating Alaska’s legal marijuana market

Who’s behind websites aiming to confound enrollment in

Alaskans seek relief from high health care costs with medical tourism

Is Fairbanks’ decrepit Polaris Building finally nearing demolition?

Chasing Thunder: Searching for Alaska’s most legendary cannabis strain

… Find all my stories in chronological order on my ADN author page.

If there are specific types of stories you’re looking for, send me a note and I’ll send you what I’ve got.

Thanks for reading. ❤

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