windowpane at 40 below ~ waxwing party outside my window ~ ice art in downtown Anchorage ~ Fairbanks Christmas ~ New Years ~ a walk in the park ~ Talkeetna Bachelor Ball ~ pink hair ~ Pre-house show with Paul Basile ~ House show ~ Flying ~ Cook Inlet at high tide ~ Alaska Dispatch … Continue reading Winter

My frozen home

Fairbanks, Alaska -- my beautiful, frozen home.

DIY Mythology

"Artists don't make objects. Artists make mythologies." ~ Anish Kapoor

Ice Art! Part II

Oh, how time slips away! Here's part two of my ice art posts... ...But it was worth the wait, right?


January arrived intent on breaking our spirits. The temperature plummeted and remained well below zero for the entire month...making this January the 5th coldest on record. With help from a long string of -40 degree days, the average temperature for the month was -26.9 degrees Fahrenheit. Brutal. Luckily, I had projects to attend to and … Continue reading January