the plants speak

The plants are talking to me. "Oh Laurel," they say, "We're so glad you decided to sow us and let us grow, but when, oh when will you plant us outside? We're stuck in these small cages, the soil's only inches deep, we need room to breathe and stretch our leaves wide." "Don't worry," I … Continue reading the plants speak


windowpane at 40 below ~ waxwing party outside my window ~ ice art in downtown Anchorage ~ Fairbanks Christmas ~ New Years ~ a walk in the park ~ Talkeetna Bachelor Ball ~ pink hair ~ Pre-house show with Paul Basile ~ House show ~ Flying ~ Cook Inlet at high tide ~ Alaska Dispatch … Continue reading Winter

My frozen home

Fairbanks, Alaska -- my beautiful, frozen home.

The way

Drumsound rises on the air, its throb, my heart. A voice inside the beat says, "I know you're tired, but come. This is the way." -Rumi


Mind follows eye Eye follows foot Foot leads mind


Rainbow in Kenai / Forest fire landscape, Nenana / Soon-to-be raspberry infused vodka / my favorite place / fishing w Suz / NRA Lane / Fairbanks at 1am / preparing to play / new life / none. / a friend's home / at the igloo / Kenai / the Marlin / woods Another summer nearly … Continue reading July