A perfect winter weekend trip: Hatcher Pass

Drive about 60 miles north of Anchorage and you wind up in Hatcher Pass, a super popular recreation site in Southcentral Alaska. This is where the cool kids go to romp around outdoors. Hatcher Pass is 300,000 acres, according to its website. It's not a state park, but a "management area" -- a mix of state, borough, and private … Continue reading A perfect winter weekend trip: Hatcher Pass

Springtime on Turnagain Arm

Midnight skies

Fairbanks, Alaska. 12 a.m. 7/7/2014. It's so good to be home.

Summer solstice across the bay

Sparkler solstice joy ~ Cook Inlet across the bay ~ Enjoying the views ~ The Seaview bar ~ Campsite ~ Sparklers! ~ Dinner at the Seaview cafe ~ how many people does it take to start a fire? ~ summer solstice, 2.30 am Hope, Alaska. June 21 2014

On the water

Kink Arm, May 29 2014

the plants speak

The plants are talking to me. "Oh Laurel," they say, "We're so glad you decided to sow us and let us grow, but when, oh when will you plant us outside? We're stuck in these small cages, the soil's only inches deep, we need room to breathe and stretch our leaves wide." "Don't worry," I … Continue reading the plants speak

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