Goodnight Stars







Winter is ending. Tomorrow’s equinox marks a turning point in the seasons – here in Fairbanks we’re now receiving just over 12 hours of daylight, gaining nearly 7 minutes per day. The night sky I have grown so accustomed to gazing at these last six months will soon vanish, as the sun overtakes the sky, climbing to 22 hours of daylight on the summer solstice.

Summer is a time of endless activity, growth and good times. Everything seems possible when the sun never sets.  I love the summer time – Yet still, when my brain first registers that the long winter is coming to a close, and taking night time with it, I feel a tinge of sadness. There is a true sense of rest, peace and dormancy during winter months; a silence that is ineffably beautiful. It’s a slowness not usually afforded to this lightning-quick society, and one I’ve grown to treasure.

So as one season shifts to the next, I say goodnight to the dancing aurora, the infinite stars, the full moon’s shadow on soft blankets of snow. Goodnight to winter’s stillness and solitude. I know you’ll be back, anyway.

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