man walking fairbanks alaska cold winter

fairbanks alaska 50 below

fairbanks alaska ice fog 50 below lights

January arrived intent on breaking our spirits. The temperature plummeted and remained well below zero for the entire month…making this January the 5th coldest on record. With help from a long string of -40 degree days, the average temperature for the month was -26.9 degrees Fahrenheit. Brutal.

Luckily, I had projects to attend to and spent the month cocooned away at home, wood stove radiating delicious warmth to my outstretched toes, even as I fretted over the fate of the animals. The weeks flew by. I whittled away at my inbox. Somehow, I made all my deadlines.

Then February arrived, bringing gifts of warmer weather. Today it is 25 degrees. Not only am I free from my paper piles, but can spend time outside without fear of freezing to death. I take walks and my skin sweats the delicate fragrance of spring (although people tell me not to get ahead of myself). Perfect timing.

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